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Transformers: RobotsinDisguise Hack & Tips for Energon, Ultra Sparks, & All Characters Unlock

The Decepticons have landed on your planet, trying to destroy everything that you have built. You being Bumblebee, you get summed to take care of the Decepticons that are up to no good, which is how Transformers: RobotsinDisguise starts. If you are a fan of Transformers, enjoyed watching the TV shows or movies, then Transformers: RobotsinDisguise is just the game for you to enjoy in 2016.


Transformers: RobotsinDisguise has been developed and successfully released by game developerHasbro, and is quite popular among mobile gamers and Transformers movies and TV shows enthusiasts. The game has been downloaded over one million times with an astonishing rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play Store in 2016. Transformers: RobotsinDisguise is free to download and play, and does not require you to have an active internet connection.

Once you have downloaded and installed Transformers: RobotsinDisguise, you will first go through a comic-like cut scene, which tells you the story behind the game. You will start in a tutorial level, which teaches you how to move your character, how to dodge enemy attacks, how to melee attack your enemies, how to shoot your enemies and how to successfully complete a stage. Once the tutorial is over, you will be able to play the regular game mode.

Transformers: RobotsinDisguise Hack for Energon, Ultra Sparks, & All Characters Unlock 2016

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