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Throne Rush Cheats & Hack for Gold, Gems & Food

Throne Rush is a strategy game belonging to Nexters Limited, a company that created “Island Experiment” and “Lost Chapters”. The game is available on Android and on iOS (requires iOS 6.0 or later and it’s optimized for Iphone 5). It has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Play Store and 4 stars and a half on iOS Store (but only 72 Ratings) and it was downloaded for about 1 million times – both platforms. The game does not require a mandatory sign-up but connecting with Facebook gives you the possibility to save your game progress and to ask your Facebook friends for help. One of the good things of Throne Rush is that it has full Facebook integration meaning that once you have linked your game accounts you can play the game from any device – you will also receive 50 Red Gems too so it’s worth it.

In Throne Rush your main role is to build a village from nothing to an empire. As time will pass and you will learn the ropes you will find out that it is not so easy you thought to master. The game starts a little too abruptly making you fight in the first 10 seconds but then, thankfully, there will be a tutorial that will get you going. In this game you have 3 types of resources from which two are Food and Gold, resources that can be gathered from the Windmills respectively the Mines. The third resource is the Gems which can be bought with real money (price varies from $0.99 to $9.99 or even more). I think it should be mentioned that you are provided with only one builder and in order to get more you must buy them with gems.

Throne Rush Hack for Gold, Gems & Food



You might be sitting at home playing Throne Rush, if you are, then you probably know that you need a lot of gold, gems, and food to get through this game. While you can make these purchases through the app store, it costs real money, and that adds up quickly.

This is why we here at AppGameCheats have decided to add a hack tool for Throne Rush, which means you can get the items you need for free.

Check out the image below to see just how easy the Throne Rush hack tool is to use, with the options menu being where you enter the amounts of each item you want to add.

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