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Star Girl: Colors of Spring Hack for Diamonds, Coins & Ads

Would you like to experience the Spring time with new clothes and a game where you can collect all the spring clothes you want? We have found the game for you. Brought to you by Animoca Collective, with its most recent update on May 11 of 2015, and the game is available for iOS andAndroid. If English isn’t your native language, you won’t be able to play this game because anybody who doesn’t have the ability to read or understand either language will have a hard time playing this game unless you also know Danish, Dutch, French, or German.

Star Girl: Colors of Spring is in its version 3.8, so it is a pretty updated game that the producers will be looking to improve in the future so the game can only get better and more updated from here. Star Girl: Colors of Spring isn’t particularly large either, so it shouldn’t be a problem on your phone space, as it is only going to take up 68.0 MB of space on your phone. So anybody who wants this game, should be able to download it even if you need it in a different language. In order to download the game on each device, it will require you to simply go to the app store in order to download the game.

Star Girl: Colors of Spring starts you out as a girls and boys who is a star who can go to several different big cities in order to flirt, lie, or fight your way to get your man and be the number one star. You can do this through modeling, singing, or acting. You can also get a better job by upgrading your skills as a star and by getting more experience as a star. After your daytime job has ended for the day as a star, you have the ability to go out and go shopping or go into a bar a meet a couple of guys who may eventually be your boyfriend for the time. Any money that you make from your job can be spent on additional clothing or get some decoration to put on for the next time you go out.

Start out the game by trying to make your own girls and boys in order to look how you want her to look like. You have a couple of choices when making your own girls and boys. First of all, you have the option to choose what color skin you want your girls and boys to be and the you can also choose the color of her hair. If any parents or adults are reading this, you should also be noted that if your child is playing this game, the character that you are making is solely in her underwear for a majority of the time that you are designing her, but the game is also rated for 12 and up, but even at 12, this game is pretty unhealthy for young teens to play. I say this, because a lot of parents try to monitor what their children look at during their childhood. This game could be enticing for young girls and boyss to download and that’s why I recommend that parents be wary of this game. After you begin to purchase the clothes that you like, you will be able to equip your girls and boys with those clothes in order to try and make her as pretty as possible. This game’s theme is Spring. So the main clothes that you will get will be having bright colors like yellow and green. There is an entire series behind this Star Girl idea, and this one specifically is about Spring so make sure that you enjoy yourself with this Spring theme.

After creating your first character, as well as designing her, you will have the ability to get started off with the game and you can start by getting into a pageant or judging other people’s beauty. This seemingly objectifies girls or boys to the point where the only thing girls or boys want to do is get a hot boyfriend as well as put on a ton of clothes and star. I guess that’s what the game makes out our society to be. When you go out to work in your job, you will have a certain amount of energy that you will use per day. These starring jobs require a certain amount of energy, that you will be able to refill every day after a certain amount of time. Different jobs have a different energy usage so you will only be able to earn a certain amount of money per day before all of your energy runs out. Then the amount of money that you get, you will be able to purchase new clothes and be able to use them in order to attract more boys. Some of these different jobs include starring on movies or television shows.

Star Girl: Colors of Spring Hack for Diamonds, Coins & Ads



If you enjoy playing Star Girl: Colors of Spring, you probably are aware of just how important diamonds and coins are in the game. The diamonds and coins can be purchased through the app store, but it costs real money to get these items, and this adds up quickly. You also probably would like to get rid of those annoying ads that are in the game too. If you would like to get the diamonds and coins without paying in the app store and then remove the ads, then you need to check out our free hack tool.

The image below shows you how the Star Girl: Colors of Spring hack tool works. All you need to do is click the button to remove the ads, and then enter the amounts of coins and diamonds that you want to add to your gaming account.

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