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Rope Escape Cheats & Hack for Coins, Rockets & Magnets

Are you a fan of rope-swing games? Do you want to hitch rides on UFO’s that happen to be zooming around in our atmosphere? Do you want to be a modern-day Tarzan of the Amazon? If you answered yes to any of these, Deemedya’s game, Rope Escape, is the game for you! Rope escape is a simple, yet fun rope-swing game which is perfect for those moments you spend waiting in the doctor’s office (or the oval office, if you know what I mean), in line at the grocery store, or any situation where you have time to kill. This game is available for iOS and Android devices for free.

The main focus of Rope Escape is to swing from platform to platform (platforms being trees, airborne boulders, blimps, and UFO’s) without crashing to the ground. Along the way, there are power-ups that enhance your rope, total distance, or the amount of coins you earn. For example, you can find rockets floating around as powerups; touching the rocket with your character will allow you to take a ride on the rocket, boosting you forward at high speed. There is a hazard to this game, however: spears are thrown at you from the ground, and if a spear hits your rope while it is deployed, the rope will be severed! This normally isn’t a problem, but staying low and swinging from trees will increase the chances of being struck by a spear, and subsequently crashing down to the forest floor.

While the complexity of Rope Escape’s gameplay is minimal, the Deemedya team managed to add an upgrades interface to enhance your experience; this adds a “goal” for the players to reach 100% completion, with all upgrades. The upgrades are bought with the golden coins you pick up in the game, and they strengthen the pickups found in-game.


Rope Escape boasts four game modes, with the fourth game mode only accessible via IAP (in-app purchases): the normal game mode which is marked as “Play”, “Rope Limit,” “Time Attack”, and “Kids”. Rope Limit mode is a variation of normal gameplay, except you can only deploy your rope five times. Time Attack mode is also similar to normal gameplay, except you are only allotted thirty seconds to travel as far as possible while collecting as many coins as you can. Kids mode is an easier version of standard gameplay; you are given 10 “bouncebacks” (a force field around your character that protects you from falls), removes the spears that are thrown at you from the ground, and removes ads. For all intents and purposes, purchasing “Kids mode” for $1.99 is akin to purchasing the full version of Rope Escape.

Rope Escape Hack for Coins, Rockets, Magnets



If you are currently playing the fun adventure rope swinging game Rope Escape, you will soon realize that you need a lot of coins, rockets, and magnets to help you get through the various environments. It is important to remember that it costs real money if you want to get these items from the app store, and that gets expensive quick.

If you want to get coins, rockets, and magnets for free, you need to check out our hack tool, which we have made that gives you unlimited amounts of these items.

Check out the picture below, which shows you how easily the hack tool is to use, with a simple options menu that guides you on where you need to input the values of each item you want to add.

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