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Pyramid Solitaire Saga Cheats & Hack for Hearts, Jewels, Gold Bars & Lives

If you are a person who enjoys card games, great animations and strategic thinking, then Pyramid Solitaire Saga is just the game for you. Join the journey and travel through the world, see amazing sights and solve difficult solitaire puzzles in order to be the best in the world! Pyramid Solitaire Saga, developed and successfully released by game developer King, is exactly what we are used from them. The game is very popular under puzzle game lovers, critically acclaimed and the numbers show it! Pyramid Solitaire Saga has been downloaded over ten million times with an amazing rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play Store and a 4 star rating on iOS App Store.
Pyramid Solitaire Saga starts off with a nicely build tutorial, showing you the ropes of the game. You will learn how to play the game, what your objectives are and how to achieve them. The goal of this game is to solve solitaire puzzles and progress through levels so you can travel around the world. Every level has its own objectives which you need to complete in order to be able to progress onwards to the next level.

The way you play Pyramid Solitaire Saga is rather easy, but can be very hard the more you progress through the game. You have a stack of cards in front of you, and there are cards on the table. You need to take the cards of the table which have one higher or lower value as the card in front of you. Let’s say you have the Hearts Four card in front of you, this means that you can tap on any Three or Five card and take it off the table. When you cannot take cards off the table, you can take another card from your stack and see if you can find a one higher or lower value card on the table. If you cannot clear the table of all cards and capture all gold cards, you will lose. You will also lose if you are out of cards in front of you.

You have a total of five lives in Pyramid Solitaire Saga. Each time you fail a level, you will lose a live. You will regenerate one live every ten minutes, so for every fifty minutes, you will have all of your lives back.

You can earn up to three stars in every level. The amount of stars you receive, depends on how well you have played during the level and how many cards are left in your stack. The cards that are left in your stack will give you a nice boost of points at the end of every level. You will need to earn a lot of stars in order to be able to progress through the world map. Sometimes you will need to go back and retry certain levels if you do not have the required amount of stars.

You can also play Pyramid Solitaire Saga with your friends by connecting with your Facebook account. The positive aspect about connecting with your Facebook is that you can ask your friends to help you out when you are stuck or when you are out of lives. They can send you lives so you will be able to instantly play again instead of having to wait.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga In-game store

There is only one kind of currency in Pyramid Solitaire Saga which is called Gold Bars. You cannot obtain Gold Bars by playing the game, but only by purchasing them with real money. The Gold Bars in this game really only have one use, which is to replenish your lives back instantly. If you are out of lives and you want to keep playing Pyramid Solitaire Saga without having to wait, you can replenish all five lives by spending nine gold bars.

The price for gold bar packages vary from $0,99 for the smallest package of 10 gold bars up till $59,99 for the largest package of 900 gold bars. There are no ways to earn free gold bars, so you will have to spend money if you want them. There are boosters in the game which you unlock later on in the game. You can purchase special packs in the in-game store for $1,99, which consist of multiple boosters that you can use during your gameplay.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga Hack for Hearts, Jewels, Gold Bars & Lives



You might be sitting there playing Pyramid Solitaire Saga and knowing that you need lives, gold bars, jewels, and hearts to get through the game and by boosters and other items. While you can get these items through the app store, this costs real money, and most people cannot afford to keep making these in-game purchases.

Due to the popularity of this game, AppGameCheats has added a hack for lives, gold bars, jewels, and hearts, which allows you to get unlimited amounts of each item for free.

If you look at the image below, you will see how easy the hack tool is to use, and you just enter the amounts of lives, gold bars, jewels, and hearts that you want to add toyour account in the options menu.

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