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Magic MixUp Cheats & Hack for Gold Coins, Hearts, & All Creatures Unlock

Magic MixUp is one of many mobile match-three puzzle games, in which you need to help out a witch called Luna to mix different kinds of ingredients. In order to mix ingredients, you will first have to match three of a kind, allowing them to drop into the giant pot. Successfully complete the objectives in each level, progress onwards into different magical stages, collect stickers to unlock different kinds of monsters that you can bring along on your adventure and challenge your friends to get the highest scores you possibly can!

Magic MixUp is a game that has been developed for puzzle and match-three enthusiast, so if you enjoy playing games such as Candy Crush Saga and the different Bejeweled games, you might also enjoy playing Magic MixUp in 2016.

Magic MixUp is a game that has been developed and released by game developer Full Fat, which is a game studio that has been founded in 1996. According to the developer’s description, they have released over eighty different titles on game consoles and mobile platforms, which is a pretty great achievement if you would ask me. Magic MixUp is doing quite well on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, downloaded over one hundred thousand times on both game markets and an excellent rating of 4.3 out of 5 and a 4.5 out of 5 stars in 2016. Magic MixUp is definitely build for people that enjoy match-three games. If you are one of them, you should give this game a shot!

Magic MixUp Hack for Gold Coins, Hearts, & All Creatures Unlock 2016


Magic MixUp uses two main currencies: gold coins and hearts. You’ll need a lot of hearts and gold coins to win at Magic MixUp. Download our free Magic MixUp hack tool to easily and freely get gold coins, hearts, and unlock all creatures.

It’s very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see how quick and easy using our Magic MixUp hack tool is. Just enter the amount of gold coins and hearts you want. All the creatures will unlock. Don’t worry about jailbreaking or rooting your device. The hack tool will work without APK rooting or jailbreaking.

Download our Magic MixUp hack from our website. It takes 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it’ll install. This takes about another 30 seconds. Select Android or iOS. Then, enter how many gold coins and hearts you would like. Again, all the creatures will unlock automatically. Click the big, blue “start” button. You don’t have to fill out any surveys or root your device to use the Magic MixUp 2016 hack.

This should start the hack. Once completed — don’t worry, it’s very quick! — open the app on your device. It will run normally, but with the added benefit of your extra gold coins, hearts, and all creatures! Have fun!


About Magic MixUp

The goal in Magic MixUp is to complete the objectives in each level, without going over the limit of moves that you have received. All of the levels are differently designed, which definitely adds a challenge to the gameplay itself. Magic MixUp is just like any other match-three puzzle game; you have to match three identical pieces in order to score points. When you successfully match three identical pieces, they will fall down, allowing new pieces to drop down from the top.


At the beginning, the levels will be quite easy to complete, especially because you get an ample amount of moves to complete them successfully. Once you start progressing through the game, the levels will also become more difficult complete. In Magic MixUp, you have a total amount of five hearts, which are your lives. If you do not manage to complete a level, you will lose one of your hearts, and that means you will have to wait twenty five minutes for it to get regenerated.

As I have mentioned above, you can collect sticker pieces in Magic MixUp, in order to unlock different kinds of creatures. Every twenty minutes, you can play the bubble bonus game, in which you can earn a sticker piece. Once you have all the pieces of a creature, you will be able to bring it along on your adventure. All of the creatures in Magic MixUp give you different kinds of bonuses, such as extra moves during a level, or simply a certain percentage of extra points.

At the top-right corner of your screen, there is a envelop icon, which takes you to your inbox. If you decide to play Magic MixUp using your Facebook account, you will be able to message your Facebook friends, invite them to the game and even ask them for hearts/lives. You can use the messages feature to continue playing the game without waiting for your lives to regenerate.

If you want to change the settings of the game, you can do so by tapping on the gear icon that is located at the bottom-right corner of your screen. In the settings menu, you can either turn on or off the music, sound effects and the hints, or check out the achievements page.

Magic MixUp In-game store

Magic MixUp is all about matching three identical ingredients together and successfully clearing the objectives in each and every level, in order to progress onwards. Occasionally, you will earn several gold coins, which is the one and only currency in Magic MixUp. You can use gold coins to purchase several different items in the game. As I have mentioned above, there is a sticker book in Magic MixUp with different kinds of creatures that you can collect and unlock. The creatures are considered to be boosters/power-ups, giving you certain bonuses during your gameplay.


If you do not want to collect individual sticker pieces, you can also unlock a creature by using your gold coins. The price for the creatures starts at 35 gold coins, but they can run up to 600 gold coins, depending on which creature you want to unlock and use. When you run out of hearts, you can also use your gold coins to replenish them, and continue playing Magic MixUp.

Collecting gold coins by playing the game is rather difficult, and a very slow process. If you want to unlock creatures quicker, you can also purchase gold coins with real money. There are a total of six different gold coin packages available in the in-game store, with the price starting at $0,99 for the smallest amount of 10 gold coins, going up till $99,99 for the largest amount of 1275 gold coins. There is no way to earn gold coins by completing offers or watching free ad videos.

Cheats & Tips for Magic MixUp

There are thousands and thousands of different websites on the internet that offer cheats for many of the popular mobile games. All of those websites have one thing in common, which is that they are designed to trick you, and to make money off of you by succeeding to do that. It is only natural that you search cheats for mobile games, because every gamer has done so at least once in their lives. The problem with mobile games is that it is much more difficult to actually cheat in them, compared to the console or computer games, which have cheats build into them.  


According to a very large portion of those mobile cheat websites, there is a cheat tool available for all of the popular mobile games, even for Magic MixUp. By using those cheat tools that they offer, you should be able to give yourself an unlimited amount of lives and gold coins, and this should already raise red flags. There is no way to hack into the Magic MixUp server and get an unlimited amount of gold coins, but I do know of a cheat  that you can use to give yourself as many lives as you want, without actually having to use any cheat tools, hack tools or mods.

Magic MixUp Gameplay Tips and Tricks

I like to call it the time-lapse cheat, simply because it involves you forwarding the time on your smartphone or tablet. Before you start using the time-lapse cheat, you should actually first play Magic MixUp until you lose all of your hearts/lives. By now, you will have already figured out that you have to wait twenty five minutes for one of your lives to get regenerated, which is a ridiculous amount of time to wait, and it really slows down the pace of the gameplay itself.


Once you are out of lives, you can proceed by closing down Magic MixUp completely. After that, you need to time the time and date options on your smartphone or tablet, and forward the time by one and a half hours, simply because it takes twenty five minutes to regenerate one of your lives in Magic MixUp. When you start Magic MixUp after forwarding the time on your tablet or smartphone, you will see that your lives have been regenerated already, without waiting times.

It is also possible to use the time-lapse cheat to immediately play the bubble game again, which rewards you with sticker pieces for different kinds of creatures. The bubble game is available to you once every twenty minutes, so just like the hearts/lives, you can forward the time on your smartphone or tablet by twenty minutes, just to get another sticker piece. You can repeat this process until you have unlocked all the creatures in Magic MixUp, giving you boosts/bonuses.

Magic MixUp Review

If you enjoy playing match-three puzzle games, Magic MixUp might be an interesting game for you to try out. I didn’t really expect much from Magic MixUp, especially because I have already played many match-three puzzle games before, and they are all very similar to each other. I did enjoy the fact that the graphics and animations in Magic MixUp are of high quality, which really makes the gameplay more entertaining and enjoyable. I especially enjoyed all of the different special effects that you get to see when you manage to match four or five ingredients of a kind.


Even though there is basically nothing unique or original about Magic MixUp, I still enjoyed the fact that there is a story behind the game. In Magic MixUp, you play as a witch called Luna, and you need help to match different kinds of ingredients, in order to be able to make different kinds of magical potions. The story on itself really does make the gameplay more entertaining.

I find it very pleasing that the developers of Magic MixUp did not place any advertisements into the game, simply because it makes the user interface of the game much cleaner and clearer. It is unfortunate that many mobile game developers chose to implement ads into their games, even though it is understandable that they want to earn some money for their hard work. It is a well-known fact that developers implement advertisements just to annoy the players, and to make them spend money in the in-game store just to remove those annoying ads. It is great that this is not the case in Magic MixUp, and you can play the game without getting obstructed by ads.

While the developers did a great job to not implement any advertisements into the game, it is very unfortunate that they did implement a playtime limitation system into Magic MixUp. The playtime limitation system comes in the form of five hearts, which are the amount of lives that you have during your gameplay. You will lose one of your hearts if you do not manage to clear the objectives in a level, and it will take twenty five minutes for a heart to get regenerated.

This literally means that you have to wait nearly one and a half hours for all of your hearts to get regenerated automatically. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I play a game, I do not like to get restricted by any kind of system, especially if that system is trying to force me to spend money on the game. This has been a standard practice for many mobile games, which definitely makes those games feel like cheap cash grabs. Even though you could easily get around those playtime limitation systems for free, there are still a lot of people that spend money on hearts.  


Another aspect about Magic MixUp that irritated me during my gameplay is the fact that there are so many match-three puzzle games available, and they are all very similar to each other. The reason why there are so many match-three puzzle games is because they are quite popular, and that means that game developers see that as a ticket to earn a lot of money. It is unfortunate that the developers of Magic MixUp basically copied game features and mechanics from other popular match-three puzzle games, without really adding anything original/unique to the game.

Magic MixUp Ratings


Artwork: I give Magic MixUp an 8/10 for its artwork. Magic MixUp has very interesting graphics, especially if you enjoy playing match-three puzzle games. There are several differently colored ingredients that you need to match with each other, and if you successfully do that, you will get to see very decent special effects and animations. It is great that there are a hundred different levels in Magic MixUp, all of which have different designs and objectives that you need to clear.

Music & SFX: I give Magic MixUp a 7/10 for its music and SFX. In order to unlock more music tracks in Magic MixUp, you will first have to reach a different stage in the game. This means that you will have to listen to the same song for a very long period of time, which is unfortunate. It is nice that there are different kinds of SFXs in the game, making the gameplay more enjoyable.

Story & Originality: I give Magic MixUp a 3/10 for its story and originality. There is practically nothing original about Magic MixUp, especially when you look at the features and mechanics. There are so many match-three puzzle games on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store, and it feels like they are all copies of each other. The only originality in Magic MixUp is the fact that you can collect stickers of creatures, and once you have collected all the pieces, you will be able to take that creature with you on your adventure.

All of the creatures have different abilities or boosters/bonuses, such as boosting your score by ten percent at the end of each level. You can pick which creature you would like to take with you, which is very nice. There is also a story in Magic MixUp, and because of the story, I will rate Magic MixUp a three out of ten for originality.

General Gameplay: I give Magic MixUp a 7/10 for general gameplay. If you are a person that is familiar with match-three puzzle games, the gameplay in Magic MixUp will be straightforward for you. To be honest, there is not much going on in Magic MixUp. All you have to do is match different kinds of ingredients, which will drop those ingredients in a pot, allowing Luna to turn them into a magical potion.

In case you are not familiar with match-three puzzle games there is a very nice tutorial at the beginning of the game. I am happy that the user interface fits with the overall theme of the game, and that the controls in Magic MixUp are responsive and smooth.

Addictiveness: I give Magic MixUp a 5/10 for addictiveness. It is very nice that the developers of Magic MixUp did not implement any advertisements into the game, and that definitely helps to increase the addictiveness of the game. Unfortunately, much like any other match-three puzzle games, the developers have added a hearts/lives system into the game, and every time you fail to complete the objectives of a level, you will lose one of your hearts/lives.

You only have a total of five lives, and it takes twenty five minutes for one of your lives to get regenerated. I believe that Magic MixUp is a great game to kill some time, but the fact that you have to wait for a very long time for one of your lives to get regenerated, really slows down the pace of the game. Just like many other match-three puzzle games, you can either use in-game currencies to regenerate all of your lives immediately, or you can connect to the game using your Facebook account, and ask your friends to start playing the game and send lives to you. The addictiveness of the game could be easily increased, if only the developers would remove the playtime limitation system.

All things considered, I give Magic MixUp a 6/10.


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