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Inside Out Thought Bubbles Cheats & Hack for Gems & Gem Packs

Game developer and cartoon/animation creator Disney has released a new puzzle game on the app stores and it has the opportunity in becoming one of the most popular puzzle games out there. Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a bubble shooter game, where you have to shoot bubbles of a certain color up and match them. This beautifully animated game has everything you are looking for in a puzzle game. For now, the game has been downloaded over five thousand times with a whopping rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play Store and a 4.5 star rating on iOS App Store. The game has a lot of potential and I am sure it will be downloaded many times more.

The goal of Inside Out Thought Bubbles is actually rather simple. You control a cannon which can shoot colored bubbles up in the air. There are bubble obstacles which you need to clear by shooting and matching the same colored bubbles together. By matching the same color of bubbles by three or more, you will make them fall down and you will gather points. By matching bubbles by more than three at a time, you will get an increased amount of points.

There are over a hundred levels which you can explore and finish in Inside Out Thought Bubbles. Each level has its own objective, but most of the time you just need to match enough bubbles and score a lot of points. At every level you can earn up to three stars, but you will need to earn a minimum of one star if you want to progress to the next level. The amount of stars you earn depends on the amount of points you score.

You have a total of five lives in Inside Out Thought Bubbles. You can keep playing levels as long as you do not fail them, because when you do, you will lose a life. If you lose all five of your lives, you will need to wait twenty-five minutes for one life to replenish. This means that you will need to wait over two hours for all of your lives to be replenished. If you do not have patience, or you simply do not want to wait and want to play right away, you can pay thirteen gems to replenish all five lives right away.

At certain levels, you will unlock power-ups, which you can then use to complete the level more easily. There are a total of four power-ups and each one of them are different and have their pros and cons. You cannot use power-ups all the time because of the fact that they need to be charged up. You can charge them up by shooting down bubbles and letting them land in one of the pipes. After a power-up is fully charged, it will glow and you can use it by tapping on the button at the bottom of your screen. The power-up you have depends on the character you use. There are several characters in Inside Out Thought Bubbles and you also unlock them by playing the game and progressing through the levels.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles In-game store

There is only one currency in Inside Out Thought Bubbles in the form of gems. Gems are not obtainable by playing the game, but only by purchasing them with real money. There are several uses for gems which will really give you an advantage in the game. For example, you can use gems to replenish your lives right away so you would not need to wait over two hours to be able to play again.

You have four power-ups in Inside Out Thought Bubbles which you can use to be able to bursts bubbles faster and more efficient. You unlock these power-ups simply by playing the game and progressing through the levels. You cannot use power-ups all the time because they need to regenerate energy. You can however use gems to regenerate them right away and use them as you wish.

The price for gems vary from $0,99 for the smallest amount of 10 gems up till $59,99 for the largest amount of 650 gems. Purchasing larger amounts of gems will be wiser to do since you will get more bang for your bucks.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles Hack for Gems & Gem Packs



The really addictive puzzle game, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, can be a blast, but you need a lot of gems and gem packs to help you get through the various levels of the game. The gems and gem packs can be bought through the in-game option or just through the app store, but that ends up getting expensive quickly since it uses real money.

We have added Inside Out Thought Bubbles to our database, which means you can get the gems and gem packs for free, and all you have to do is download our free hack tool.

If you look at the image below, you will see how easy the hack tool is to use, with an options menu where you enter the amounts of each item you want to add.

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