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Deer Hunter Reloaded Hack for Gold, Bucks & Energy

If you ever wanted to become a hunter, shooting unknowing animals in the wild with different types of guns and showing them off as trophies, then Deer Hunter Reloaded is just the game for you. Deer Hunter Reloaded is packed with different kinds of weapons, items, game modes and it has absolutely gorgeous realistic graphics which makes you feel like you are really in the wild. The game has been developed and successfully released by game developer Glu, which has been downloaded over five million times with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and a 4 star rating on iOS App Store and AndroidApp Store.

You start in Deer Hunter Reloaded with a nicely build tutorial which shows you the ropes of the game. You will learn how to control your hunter using both of your thumbs, how to aim at animals and shoot them, how to reload your weapons and how to use special items. Every level in Deer Hunter Reloaded has different objectives and your goal is to complete these objectives successfully and make a lot of money. With the money that you earn, you can upgrade your weapons or purchase new ones and progress through the levels more easily.

The beginning levels usually are fairly easy and have objectives like “Shoot two deer in two minutes”. You start the level and need to be in the lookout for deer and make sure you do not scare them away. After you have spotted the animal in question, you will have to take aim at it and hold steady so you can shoot at it and take it down. Once you shoot, other animals will get scared and start running away, which makes shooting them pretty challenging.

Successfully completing a hunt will reward you with the in-game basic currency called Bucks and experience points. You can use Bucks to purchase upgrades for the weapons you already own or you can save them up and purchase higher tier weaponry and items. Gaining experience points will make you level up, which in turn will unlock new weapons, items and gear.

There are two types of game modes in Deer Hunter Reloaded. The first one is called Mission and is basically the main campaign of the game. In this mode, every level has a different objective and you will need to complete them in order to be able to progress in the game. The second game mode is called Stampede, which is basically a wave run. You will need to take down as many animals as possible before the timer runs out. Waves of animals will run towards you, which makes it more challenging to be able to shoot them. Stampede mode is also good for saving up Bucks and training your aiming skills.

There are challenges in Deer Hunter Reloaded which can reward you handsomely if you complete them. The challenges consist of three objectives which you need to perform during your gameplay. Completing all three objectives will finish the challenge and you will be rewarded. A new challenge will appear so make sure to check it occasionally if you want to earn extra bucks and experience.


Deer Hunter Reloaded In-game store

There are two types of currencies in Deer Hunter Reloaded. The first one is the basic currency called Bucks, which is in the form of green cash bills and is easily obtainable by playing the game and completing levels. The second currency is called Glu Coins, which looks like gold coins and are almost impossible to obtain without paying real money for it.

The price for Bucks start at $1,99 for the smallest package of 2000 Bucks up till $99 for the largest package of 260.000 Bucks. The price for Glu Credits start at $1,99 for the smallest package of 40 Glu Credits up till $99,99 for the largest package of 5200 Glu Credits. You can also purchase energy packs if you are tired of waiting for it to regenerate on its own. The price for energy packs start at 24 Glu Credits for the smallest package of 50 energy bolts up till 114 Glu Credits for the largest pack of 400 energy bolts.
If you do not want to spend real money on Deer Hunter Reloaded, you can always complete offer through Tapjoy. You will usually need to download other games and test them out, or fill in free surveys in order to be rewarded with Glu Credits. Once you complete an offer, you will receive the amount of Glu Credits promised to you at the beginning.

There are four categories in the in-game store where you can spend either bucks or Glu Credits in order to purchase an item. The first category is called Guns and is the right place to purchase a new and more powerful weapon. There are several types of weapons such as rifles, assault rifles, handguns and bows. Depending on the power of the weapon, prices can vary a lot. The second category is called Items and in this category you can purchase things such as knives and different kinds of bullets.

These items usually give you a nice boost in the game and make it easier for you to hunt different kinds of animals. The third category is called Clothing and in this category you can purchase different outfits for your hunter. These outfits make you less visible to animals and also give you a nice boost in bucks and experience gains. The last category is called Hunter and in here you can pick a different facial look for your hunter. These looks do not cost anything, so you can pick whichever one you want.

Deer Hunter Reloaded Hack for Bucks, Gold & Energy



If you are enjoying the simulation game Deer Hunter Reloaded, then you probably are aware how much energy, gold, and bucks you need in this game. You can purchase the gold and bucks in the app store through the game, but this costs real money, and most people tend to avoid making such expensive purchases.

If you are playing this game, you should download our free hack tool for Deer Hunter Reloaded, which gives you energy, bucks, and gold in unlimited quantities.

The image below shows you how our hack tool is setup, with an easy to use options menu which allows you to enter the amounts of each item you want to add to your gaming account.

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