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Contract Killer 2 Hack & Cheats for Cash & Credits

If you ever wanted to be a contract killer, taking out your target in the way you desire, guns blazing or silently, then Contract Killer 2 is just the game for you. This action and feature packed shoot-and-cover game has everything you need, from the wide variety of weapons and equipment, to tons of contracts you need to complete to take down your targets. This game has been developed and successfully released by game developer Glu, and has been downloaded over ten million times with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play Store and a 4 star rating on iOS App Store.

You start the game with a small tutorial where you learn how to move your character, and how to shoot your enemies of course. Your goal is to eliminate everyone standing in your way so that you can get to your target and take him or her down. After you finish the tutorial, you can customize your equipment and purchase better weapons and armor. In Contract Killer 2, you can pick up different kinds of contracts, and the better you perform in them, the better your rewards will be. It’s all up to you, how you want to get to your target. If you like to shoot enemies rapidly, you can use an assault rifle, if you like to shoot your enemies from a distance, you can use a sniper rifle but if you like to be a silent assassin, you can also creep up to your enemies and use melee attacks or knives to take them down silently.

Each contract has its own target and objectives, and of course its own time limit. Some contracts are called Assault Contracts and others are called Sniper Contracts. You can judge by the contract description, which weapons are better suited to use for those specific contracts. For instance, it would be better if you would use a sniper rifle in a Sniper Contract. What you need to is, take down your target before the timer runs out.

You will be rewarded with cash stacks and experience points at the end of every successful contract, which you can then use to purchase new weapons and equipment and upgrade the ones you already own. Usually it is better to not spend any cash to upgrade your lower tier weapons but instead save them up to be able to purchase much more powerful weapons later on in the game. Once you gain enough experience points, you will level up which unlocks new contracts, locations, weapons and other useful items.

You can also earn some free Glu Credits by login in with your Facebook. If you want, you can invite your friends to play Contract Killer 2 as well, so that you can see who the better assassin between you all is. There is no multiplayer mode in Contract Killer 2, so other than comparing yourself with your friends, there is nothing else to do.

Contract Killer 2 In-game store

In Contract Killer 2, there are two types of currencies which you can use to purchase items with in the in-game store. The basic currency is called cash and is easy to earn by completing levels and the premium currency is called Glu Credits, which is very hard to earn. You can use both of these currencies to purchase new weapons and armor in the in-game store or to upgrade the weapons you already own.

The prices for cash stacks vary from $4,99 for the smallest stack of 5000 cash up till $99,99 for the largest stack of 260.000 cash. The prices for Glu Credits vary from $4,99 for the smallest stack of 100 Glu Credits up till $99,99 for the largest stack of 5200 Glu Credits. There are two ways to earn free Glu Credits. The first way to do this is by completing offers on Tapjoy. Offers usually mean that you need to either fill in a survey or download and play another game to receive the amount of Glu Credits that are promised to you. The second way is by inviting your friends to play Contract Killer 2, and by doing this, you will receive a few Glu Credits.


There are seven categories in total in the in-game store where you can spend both currencies. You can purchase sniper weapons, assault weapons and melee weapons which all speak for themselves. There is an equipment category where you can purchase things such as throwing knives, flashbangs and med kits. There is also a body armor category where you can purchase different kinds of Kevlar armor that will protect you from enemy fire. There is also a Featured category where you can purchase whole kits consisting of weapons, armor and equipment. These kits are pretty expensive and you can only purchase them with Glu Credits.

Contract Killer 2 Hack for Cash and Credits



Contract Killer 2 is a very fun action adventure first-person shooter game, but in the game you will need a lot of credits and cash in order to get all the needed items and upgrades. You can get the credits and cash through the app store, but this costs real money, and this is something that gets expensive in just a few in-game purchases.

Due to the popularity of this game, we have decided to add Contract Killer 2 to our hack database, which means you can get unlimited amounts of credits and cash just by downloading our hack tool.

Check out the image below to see just how easy our hack tool is to use, with a simple options menu that allows you to input how many of each item you want to add to your account.

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