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Beach Bike Stunts 2016 Hack & Cheats for Coins, All Bikes, & No Ads Unlock

Are you ready to take part in the newest stunt races from around the world, in Beach Bike Stunts 2016? Traverse the sandy beach, get past ramps, hoops, hurdles and all kinds of obstacles that might stand in your way, and collect all the rings on each level! Can you finish 24 levels of increasingly difficult stunt tracks, or will you crash in the sand in 2016?

Beach Bike Stunts 2016 is one of the newest racing games released by Tapinator, developer of a great number of simulator and racing games. Some examples of their already existing titles include Offroad Driving Adventure 2016, City Car Stunts 2016, Speed Car Escape 3D and Police Dog Simulator.

Beach Bike Stunts 2016 has average user ratings of 4/5 stars on the Google Play Store, but it’s not yet released on the Apple App Store in 2016. Downloads for the game are closing in on half a million in just a few weeks, but will it keep rising as time goes on? Let’s see if there is potential for great success!

Beach Bike Stunts 2016 Hack for Coins, All Bikes, & No Ads Unlock 2016


Beach Bike Stunts 2016 uses coins for its currency. These are very expensive. You can get only 5000 coins for $0.99. You’ll need a lot more to win at Beach Bike Stunts 2016. Download our free Beach Bike Stunts 2016 hack tool to easily and freely get coins and unlock all bikes and no ads.

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About Beach Bike Stunts 2016

Beach Bike Stunts 2016 is one of those bike games where there is less of a focus on racing, and making your way through stunts and obstacles is the main importance. Accordingly, each of the 24 levels of the game consist of you as a sole quad biker on obstacle courses, which you have to complete in a limited amount of time. The time limit depends on the difficulty and length of each level, and the fastest you complete the tracks, the more points and coins you get in the end.


The controls are pretty basic, and cover everything you would expect. There is an accelerate and decelerate button, a nitro button that allows your bike to be boosted for a short time, and the two ways to steer. You can choose to steer by using on-screen buttons, or alternatively tilting the device can work as a steering wheel.

These levels contain a wide variety of challenges, which include ramps, hoops, hurdles, containers, moving spike balls, falling rockpiles and randomly placed junk to block your way. The track that you have to traverse is mostly in a straight line, but it’s also indicated by a few yellow rings throughout the level. You can only finish the level if you actually collect each of these rings in the correct order, and missing one will not let you enter the finish line before you go back for the remaining ring.

To make things more difficult, your character can actually fall off the bike if you crash, and depending on the level this will either force you to restart the whole thing, or you can respawn at the beginning, while retaining the already passed time and the collected rings. Usually you will want to aim to finish the levels of Beach Bike Stunts 2016 in one try, without respawning, as losing those crucial seconds can lower your score in a big way. A low score means a low amount of coins earned, so this should be avoided.

Coins in the game can be used to purchase new quad bikes, of which the costs range from 4,500 to 40,000 coins. The new bikes start with better basic stats than the previous ones, but you can also choose to upgrade your already owned vehicles in exchange for some coins. Upgrades can be done for Engine, NOS and Handling. The Enginge upgrade increases the speed and top speed of your quad, NOS adds extra speed and time to your nitro boost, while the Handling makes it easier to steer the bike.


Beach Bike Stunts 2016 features in-app purchases, as expected from a free game. These purchases allow you to buy coins for real money, starting at the cheapest pack of 5,000 coins for $0.99, ending with the most expensive one containing 150,000 coins for the price of $19.99. Since the game has a few ads as well, which appear after every completed level and at random times in the menus, buying any of the in-app purchases will disable these permanently.

Cheats & Tips for Beach Bike Stunts 2016


If you feel like some of the levels in Beach Bike Stunts 2016 are too difficult, then why not consider using cheats to bypass them? Maybe you just want some coin cheats instead? Whichever you prefer, read on to find my tips regarding these, and also to find some tricks related to the gameplay!


Since there is no free way to earn coins included in the game, you will either have to resolve to cheats, or play levels in a smart way. By smart way I mean that you should minimize the time it takes to complete them. For example, there are certain levels where you can skip parts of the obstacle course by moving through the sandy beach on the side, and entering the course only when you have to grab the rings.

Another good way to earn more coins is by always fully depleting your nitro, as this can speed up your bike by an extreme amount. Sure, you shouldn’t just keep tapping this button the moment you enter a level, but it’s better to use it up by the time you reach the finish line, than to keep some of it unused.


Additionally, Beach Bike Stunts 2016 is a game where respawning might be neccesary at times, especially when your rider falls off the bike. But more often than not, this is not beneficial in any way. You just lose too much time by respawns, and it’s better off restarting the level. Thankfully it takes a very short time to do this, so it’s not frustrating at all.

Beach Bike Stunts 2016 Review

Tapinator is a developer known for releasing waves of games at a time, and most often than not these games focus on a very niche part of the simulator and racing genres. In the case of Beach Bike Stunts 2016, the obstacle courses and stunt tracks seem to be the focus, but is it interesting enough to warrant a playthrough?


The buildup of the game is as basic as it gets, and I felt at home immediately after starting it up for the first time. The menu doesn’t leave much for the imagination, and there are no extra features, but the play button and some options. These options are welcome though, especially as there are two kinds of control schemes to choose from. I personally found the on-screen button steering to be better than the tilting controls, but both are easy to use for the most part.

Before getting to an actual stunt track, I had the chance to upgrade my first quad bike, with 1,000 coins that were immediately credited to my account. This was enough to get one upgrade, which was already a nice way to start. From here on there was nothing to stop me, and I blazed through half of the 24 levels with ease. This is where something changed, and the next level turned out to be impossible without engine and nitro upgrades, or without a new bike.

This seemed a little fishy to me, and I really didn’t like this forced progression, especially since my coins were limited, and I couldn’t afford enough upgrades or a new bike yet. For this reason I was forced to replay earlier levels to grind for coins, and this took away some fun from the experience.

This blockage of progression happened again in the last few levels, and I couldn’t help but feel that Beach Bike Stunts 2016 really wants players to spend real money on coin packs. There is the choice of either doing that, or replaying earlier levels over and over again, and I didn’t like either of these options.

The problem with the game is that even though the gameplay offers enough variety level design wise, the forced progression and the linear upgrades are totally uninteresting and annoying. Then comes the fact that there is an ad after each completed level and often in the menus.

Overall, Beach Bike Stunts 2016 has perfectly acceptable gameplay, and better than average level design, but the forced progression and the low amount of coins earned per level can be rather frustrating, and it makes the game feel grindy. The 24 levels are also not much, and once you finish them, there won’t be anything left to look forward to. I advise you to only try this if you are really desperate for such a game, and otherwise look for a better alternative.


Artwork: The artwork of Beach Bike Stunts 2016 gets a 5/10 from me. The 3D graphics of this game show a lot of potential, but for some reason the developers decided to compromise with low resolution models and environment. In 2016 I would expect a lot more from a game than what this one offers in visuals.

Music & SFX: The music and the SFX of the game deserves a 2/10. I honestly don’t like to rate things this low, but there is just no alternative here. The music in this game is the exact same 2-3 seconds long sound loop, which is also apparent in City Car Stunts 2016, another game of the same developer. This ”music” is rather annoying, and I ended up turning it off in the first five minutes. The SFX are not any better either, as all sounds are too quiet, and once you turn the volume up, you will be met with the incredibly loud and unrealistic ”THUMP!” sound of crashes.

Story & Originality: For the originality of Beach Bike Stunts 2016, I must give it a 5/10. There isn’t much to talk about here, beach bike stunt games are not new at all, and even the execution of this title is as standard as it gets.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay of this title gets a 5/10 from me. It’s sad to say, but even though the controls and the general gameplay are good, the forced progression, the boring upgrades, too many ads, the rather bland visuals and the bad sounds mix into disappointing gameplay.

Addictiveness: As for the addictiveness of the game, it deserves a 4/10. I can see players staying with the game for as long as the 24 levels last, but once those are finished, only repetition remains. But because repeating levels will be required quite early on, you probably will not want to do it again. I would suggest to just skip this game, if your time is worth it.

Overall Score: 4/10.

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