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Age of Wind 3 Cheats & Hack for Gold and Trophies

Age of Wind 3 is a mobile game available for both smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. Since its release, in May 2015, by one of Google’s top developers, Deemedya, it has achieved over one million downloads on Android alone. Age of Wind 3 is the third installment in the Age of Wind series and has had a lot of popularity recently, with google adding it as an ‘Editors Choice.’ The game is known as a ‘freemium’ app, meaning it is entirely free to download but will feature some in app purchases – these cost the user their real currency in order to purchase. There are also full screen advertisements which appear from time to time, and the user must complete an in app purchase to remove these advertisements.

Users of Age of Wind 3 play as a character, known as Orlando, who works for Captain White Jack, on Jack’s ship. Within the game, users are able to play battles against enemies, or even battle on multiplayer with their Facebook friends – as long as their friend has the app installed too. If the user would rather not play against facebook friends, then they are also able to play against a random opponent, too. If the user gets bored of battling, they also have the option to visit a tavern and play one of two tavern games. The first of the two games is dice games, where the user and their opponent roll the dice in order to win (or lose) a sum of money. The second is a knife game, where the user and their opponent must throw a knife down between their fingers without hitting it, in order to win (or again, lose) a sum of money. These are risky gambles with around a fifty percent chance of winning, so maybe this isn’t a great idea for new users who have just started out in the game. There are well over thirty five ports which the user is able to explore and discover while they progress through the game. Maps look familiar, with countries like Royal Cuba and Jamaica near the starting area. There are also achievements which the user can unlock, which is a great incentive to continue playing. The users of Age of Wind 3 are also able to upgrade and customise their battle ship to increase their chances of winning battles against enemies, as well as in multiplayer.

Getting started is extremely easy and straightforward. There is a small cutscene which introduces the user to the game – this is between Orlando and Captain White Jack. Jack explains to the user, Orlando, how to navigate the vessel and how to work the cannons. After Jack has taught the user, Orlando, how to play, then the user is able to carry on and start playing the game. There are usually small dialogue boxes towards the top of the screen which instructs the user on what to do next, if they really do need some help, although gameplay can be decided by the user and they can play at their own pace – they can do whatever task they want, whenever they want to do it.

Age of Wind 3 Hack for Gold and Trophies



Age of Wind 3 is a new adventure multiplayer game that is available for Android and iOS. If you are playing this game, then you know how important gold and trophies are for you to progress in the game. In Age of Wind 3, you need to get a lot of gold and trophies in this game in order to et the most out of the game, but these items cost real money if you want to buy them in the app store.

Most people tend to not want to spend real money purchasing these items through the app store, especially when money is tight due to the economy. At AppGameCheats, we have added Age of Wind 3 to our hack database, which means that you can get the gold and trophies for free, which eliminates you from having to purchase these items with your own money.

Check out the image below in order to see how the Age of Wind 3 hack works, with an options menu that allows you to put in how many of each item you want to add to your gaming account

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