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Agar.io Cheats & Hack for Speed and Size – New Cheats

There are instincts in humans that make us feel good when we beat someone else in a game. Agar.io is the perfect playground for fueling this desire: Eat and absorb other players’ little colored cells with your own, growing bigger and bigger until nobody can stop you!

Agar.io is a game released on mobiles by Miniclip.com, the developer behind the very well known games site. They have tons of other popular games on the stores such as Plague Inc., Gravity Guy, Rail Rush, iStunt, Fragger or Monster Island, just to mention a few.

Agar.io is rated 4.3/5 stars on the Google Play Store, while sporting a 4.5/5 stars rating on the Apple App Store. This unique game was originally released as a browser game, but as it gained immense popularity in the past few months, they just released it for mobiles as well. Well, what are the changes compared to the original version? Is it just as fun and addicting? We shall answer these questions!

When you first take a look at Agar.io, you will probably notice the extremely simple artstyle. You probably think something along the lines of “Dots? There are dots everywhere and this game looks like it was made in paint!”. Well, don’t forget to not judge it by its cover, as the gameplay has something hidden in it that can make anyone look past the visuals, even if they don’t like it at first.

The gameplay is very straightforward and easy to learn, but hard to master in this game. When you first start out, you have to choose a name on the main screen. You can use any name with a character limit, even offensive names that would not be allowed in most games. This name will represent you and your dot, aka cell in the game, this is how other people will know it’s you, so choose wisely!

After you have got your name, you can start your journey in this multiplayer madness. You will be spawned at a random point on the white, squared map. From then on, you will have to control your cell by either holding your finger on the screen, or tapping in a direction and letting your cell move that way. You can customize this in the settings.

Your first goal in Agar.io is to eat small, stationary cells that are the smallest of all dots. Eating these will slowly make your own cell grow, allowing you to eat bigger things soon. There is an infinite amount of these available and they respawn after a while, so there will always be some to eat.

Moving around the map and eating stationary cells is the easy part of the game, but you are not alone, not at all. There are a huge amount of other players on this same map as well, each of them having a cell similar to yours, only in random colors and with different names. These players have the same goal as you: growing as big as possible. These player controlled cells can be eaten the same way as the stationary ones, if they are smaller than you, gaining their current mass for yourself. Players will usually do everything they can just to avoid others bigger than them, so using cunning and prediction skills are very useful here. Expecting where a player will move can greatly increase your chances of eating them.

Although chasing smaller players can be fun, you can’t be careless, as there are also players with bigger sizes than you. Anyone big enough can simply eat you the same way as you can do with small cells. It’s worth to remember though that small cells move a lot faster than big ones, so this can be used as an advantage to dodge and avoid them.

Agar.io is not this simple though, as chasing others around the map might not pay off, if they always just run away. For this reason there is an option to split your cell using a button. What splitting does is it halves your cell’s current mass, pushing half of it ahead, essentially creating two cells from one under your control. Using this to jump ahead and pick off smaller players can be a good way to gain mass and grow in size. You can split multiple times, but each of your current cells will split, causing you to become really small if you keep doing it over and over again. When a specific amount of time passes after the split, your cell will reassemble into one.

Other than the option to split, there is another button in the game. This one is used for ejecting mass ahead, which will remove some of your mass and proper it forward, creating a stationary cell that anyone can eat. This can be used for multiple purposes, including making friends by giving other players some of your mass, showing your friendliness. Be wary though, as in Agar.io the desire to grow can break any friendship!

The game also has spiky green cells scattered about, which never move. These are called viruses and have multiple purposes. When a player cell bigger than the virus moves over it, the virus explodes, tearing the player’s cell into multiple small ones. This can cause that player to be eaten by others more easily. Another use for viruses is for small cells to hide under them, as they are not hurt by the virus, but big players are, so they can’t follow them. The third use of a virus is to eject mass at it, which if you do enough times in a row will cause the virus to split into two towards the direction you were shooting, essentially creating a virus bomb that can be thrown into another player, causing them to break to little pieces.

Size does matter in Agar.io, as there is a leaderboard in the game, which is probably one of the most temporary leaderboards in any game. You can see the current top players on your server and it also shows your number in the list. As your mass increases you will move up on the top list, and if you are doing great, then you might even become the number one! Holding this position is not simple though, as everyone wants to be at the top and they will fight for their cell lives with any means neccesary!

While in-app purchases are not found in any form in the game, it features some pop in ads after playing 3-4 games in a row, usually making it so that the ad jumps into view when you are about to tap on the play button, causing you to be sent to the ad’s webpage.

Agar.io Hack for Speed and Size



Agar.io is a lot of fun, but increasing your speed and size are important to winning this game. If you would like to get faster and bigger easily, then you need to download our free Agar.io hack tool, which you can find right here on our website.

If you look at the picture below, you will see how simple the Agar.io hack tool is to use. It requires just a few clicks to unlock the speed and size boosts.

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